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TCS Uniform Policy

We believe that uniforms helps students meet The City School expectations and will be
beneficial to the atmosphere of the school including encouraging students to be ready to learn when they enter the school building, setting high levels of quality expectations, boosting school spirit by enhancing a sense of oneness and purpose, and increasing the safety of our students.

Students must wear their complete uniforms every school day unless otherwise stated by the teacher or administration. Students will also dress in uniform for all school programs unless specified. Flynn & O’Hara is the official uniform provider for The City School.

Link to Uniform Shop, Flynn & O’Hara:

TCS Gear from Squad Locker!

TCS Gear may be purchased from our Squad Locker school store in lieu of the Flynn & O’Hara gym uniform. Go Lions! Link to Squad Locker for TCS Gear:

Click on the link of your student’s grade level to view their appropriate uniform policy (see Family Handbook section 5.0 for full guidelines).

See also the visual uniform guide just below.

> Grades PreK-5

> Grades 6-8

> Grades 9-12

Uniform Guide by TheCitySchool

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