The Spruce Hill Campus will be merging with the Fairmount campus for the 24-25 School Year. The Spruce Hill location will not be available for the 24-25 school year. »

Student Leadership

At The City School, students are encouraged to become leaders in their community. As we teach students to think critically and creatively, we empower them by cultivating virtues like humble confidence, decisiveness, and the ability to share their perspective with clarity and grace. These qualities allow our students to become leaders at school, in their homes and churches, and in their neighborhoods.

Students at every grade level are given opportunities to become leaders. At the elementary level, students take turns leading morning meetings and giving morning announcements, and each child is given opportunities to lead in the classroom. When students reach middle school, they are invited to participate in our Student Ambassadors program. Ambassadors attend school events like Open Houses and fundraisers and serve as the voice of The City School. Our Ambassadors provide a first hand viewpoint of their school experiences with partners and prospective parents.

High school students are given even more opportunities to serve as leaders in their community. Our student leadership program culminates in the high school Student Council. Council members oversee important aspects of school culture like academics, arts, athletics, and infusing our community with the love and grace of Jesus. This year our students have the opportunity to serve on five different councils.

As a college-preparatory academy, excellent academics are vital to our school community. This council helps plan and implement activities to encourage rigor in our academic lives and promote a love of learning as we seek to love the Lord our God with all our minds.

As a Christian school, the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus are at beautifully woven throughout everything we do. The Spiritual Life council is responsible for finding ways to enrich the spiritual life of the school during Chapel, in advisory groups, and beyond. Members of this council desire to grow deeper in their faith and seek ways to help others do the same.

The Bible calls upon us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Whether in athletic competition or artistic expression, these activities help us engage all parts of ourselves in worshipping God. This council is responsible for promoting school spirit at our sports events, celebrating the arts through our annual Arts Festival, overseeing Spirit Week, and organizing new events to nurture the spirit of love and grace that permeates our culture.

The City School is a community with a distinct culture that each student helps create. The Life and Culture Council is the welcoming committee, the party planners, and the sounding board of our school. You are the voice of your school.

LUX URBI (Light to the City) COUNCIL:
Our motto says it all: we are called to be a light to the city. The LUX URBI council plans events and activities that unite our campuses and connect our school to the greater community, in the neighborhoods surrounding our campuses and throughout Philadelphia. The activities and initiatives set in motion by this council enrich our whole-school involvement in the city we love.

ONE CHILD AT A TIME — The City School is a Pre-K to Grade 12 Christian school in the heart of Philadelphia. We believe an excellent education should be accessible for families in the city.