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Tuition Value

There are a few important things we’d like to share with you as you consider our school for your family.  Choosing the right school for your child is essential to his or her success in the classroom and beyond.  Learning how our school can add value to your child’s development and success is what we want to share with you.  So, while we know how important the “bottom line” is, understanding what you will be investing in should help you  see why “WE’RE WORTH IT”.


OUR TEACHERS  Impart more than knowledge, but are also invested in cultivating our students’ passions.  They are excellent and they are continuous learners. Our teachers are careful to nurture students’ character, faith, and critical thinking skills. We are not interested in telling students what to think, but we want to teach them how to think for themselves.

OUR STUDENTS  We have developed a culture of humility, grace and unity and in response students have taken ownership of their community to ensure that it feels very much like a family.  Our students have a voice here, so it is their pleasure to drive student-led programs as a means to facilitate an engaging and great place to learn.

JESUS  Is why we do what we do here. God’s word is the foundational text for our worldview, thus we strive to glorify him through our daily living and how we care for one another. Christian principles are implemented throughout our curriculum and help us to examine our program so that it aligns with our mission and core values.

DIVERSITY & RACIAL UNITY  BENEFITS EVERYONE. We are a very rare school because of the way we cultivate socio-economic diversity and cultural competency within our school community and that benefits your family. The City School is a beautifully diverse community of learners pursuing excellence together. Learning in a diverse population prepares your child for a lifetime of building relationships with people bringing different experiences and perspectives.

So, if you can afford the full-tuition of $11,080, The City School is worth it. If you must stretch your finances for your child to attend it is still worth it—whatever you pay based on your unique financial circumstances. We are committed to excellence in the education of children and are constantly striving to get better. We are committed to creating access, within our means, to this exceptional private Christian education for anyone who wants to be a part of our school family.  This year, over 400 children are at The City School because we are worth it.


Financial aid is processed through a tuition management company called FACTS and families must apply annually to determine eligibility for tuition assistance.  When reviewing need-based financial applications the following 3 questions are considered:

  1. What do you feel you can afford to pay? You know your budget better than we do, regardless of the number of children you desire to enroll.
  2. Is that amount consistent with other families in similar financial circumstances? Every family is unique, but we don’t play favorites.
  3. Can we afford to provide the level of financial aid necessary to meet your families financial responsibilities? We try our hardest to meet you at your need. Some families pay as little as $100 per month per child, but to be honest, we could not be sustainable as a school if most families paid that amount. It all comes down to being worth the investment and sacrifice, whatever your financial circumstance. 

PAYMENT SCHEDULE                                                                                                      

(Domestic Students)

Annual Tuition Rate
10 Month Payments11 Month Payments
(part day pre-K only)

Financial aid processes within two weeks of a submitted financial aid application. While the allocation of aid varies,  a family who is eligible to receive $5,680 in financial aid could opt to make that payment in full or pay $568 a month for 10 months or $516 a month for 11 months.

Multi-Child Discount:

$1,000 is reduced from the annual tuition per student for the second and third students enrolled.

$2,000 is reduced from the annual tuition per student for the fourth and any additional students enrolled.

Early-payment Discount:

A two-percent discount is available if tuition is paid in full directly to the school by Friday, July, 28, 2023.


An annual re-enrollment fee is required for returning families: Current students are only guaranteed placement for the following school year when re-enrolled by January  31, 2024.

New Student Enrollment Fee (per family fee and is due within a week of acceptance along with enrollment documents)$220
Discounted Re-enrollment Fee (Per family fee for returning students completing the enrollment checklist by January 31, 2024$150
Re-enrollment Fee (Per family fee for returning students completing the enrollment checklist after January 31, 2024$500
Extended Day Fee
(Before/After care)
$4 per hour or any part of the hour
Financial Aid Application Fee$40 (deadline to apply is April 30th)

Families in need of financial assistance may apply for financial aid after admission has been awarded. We seek to ensure that a high quality education in the name of Jesus is accessible to any family committed to partner with The City School. Submitting an application does not guarantee aid will be granted.

ONE CHILD AT A TIME — The City School is a Pre-K to Grade 12 Christian school in the heart of Philadelphia. We believe an excellent education should be accessible for families in the city.