Your Financial Responsibility

There are a few important things we’d like to share before we get to the numbers. We know how important the “bottom line” is, but if you don’t know these three things first, then you won’t know what those numbers truly mean to us.


If you can afford the full-tuition, it is worth it. If you cannot, it is also worth it—whatever you pay based on your unique financial circumstances. We are committed to excellence in the education of children and are constantly striving to get better. If we are not seeking to honor Jesus through an excellent education for your child, then we would not expect you to pay whatever your family responsibility would end up being. This year, nearly 385 children are at The City School because we are worth it.


We are a very rare school because of the way we have cultivated socio-economic diversity within our school community, and that benefits your child. Half of our families earn beyond 200% of the federal poverty line. Half earn less. The City School is a beautifully diverse family of learners pursuing excellence together. Learning in a diverse community prepares your child for a lifetime of building relationships with people with different experiences and perspectives.


We ask three basic questions when reviewing need-based financial applications. (We do not process it through some complex, anonymous computer model.)
  1. What do you feel you can afford to pay? You know your budget better than we do, regardless of the number of children you desire to enroll.
  2. Is that amount consistent with other families in similar financial circumstances? Every family is unique, but we don’t play favorites.
  3. Can we afford to provide the level of financial aid necessary to meet your families financial responsibilities? We try our hardest to meet you at your need. Some families pay as little as $100 per month per child, but to be honest, we could not be sustainable as a school if most families paid that amount. It all comes down to being worth the investment and sacrifice, whatever your financial circumstances are. 

ONE CHILD AT A TIME — The City School is a Pre-K to Grade 12 Christian school in the heart of Philadelphia. We believe an excellent education should be accessible for families in the city.