The Spruce Hill Campus will be merging with the Fairmount campus for the 24-25 School Year. The Spruce Hill location will not be available for the 24-25 school year. »

The Arts

At The City School, the arts are an integral part of our curriculum. We believe the arts—visual arts, music, drama, and dance—teach students to think more creatively and make for more inquisitive, imaginative, and engaged learners. Our focus on the arts helps our students find joy in learning, cultivates their natural gifts of self-expression, and honors our God, the first and greatest Artist.

Visual Arts

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Our innovative art program begins in pre-K and carries through high school. At each grade level, students are taught new techniques as they refine their artistic abilities. Elementary students begin working with diverse media as they explore the spectrum of artistic expression. They draw, paint, sculpt, make collages, and experiment with 3-D mixed media. In middle school, students begin learning more advanced concepts by studying light and shadow, perspective, texture, and color theory. They also begin to study art history and visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a crash course in artistic evolution. In high school, students choose art electives based on their interests. Students can pursue advanced art history, prepare a professional portfolio for their college resume, or take AP courses for college credit.



Music is a universal language. It evokes emotion, connects cultures, creates community, and honors our Creator. At The City School, we believe music education is vital to cultivating our students’ worldview. Music allows us to explore new cultures and instills in our students an appreciation for the beautiful diversity of our world. It is also central to a life of worship and is a gift we both give to, and receive from, our loving God. Our students take courses in music theory, music history, and the art of musical performance. Choirs are offered at each grade level, and passionate students can also pursue specialized musical training through our vocal ensemble (Grades 3-5), descant singers groups (middle school), or high school quintet.


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Drama challenges students to find their own voice and teaches them self-confidence and the joys of self-expression. Drama is available as an after-school club at Fairmount and as both an extra-curricular and J-Term elective at Poplar. Our high school students put on a full production every spring, inviting the whole school community to cheer them on from the audience.


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Dance teaches students to move with grace and to carry themselves with poise. As students learn to move to rhythm, they engage their whole mind—both hemispheres of their brain. This teaches students to think creatively on their feet.

Our Fairmount Campus offers praise dance and contemporary dance as extra-curricular activities. At our Spruce Hill Campus, students learn ballroom dancing and host an evening of dancing for their parents. Our middle school students practice Latin dances such as Salsa and Flamenco. At Poplar, we offer dancing electives where students explore various forms of dance like jazz, hip hop, folk, and ballet. Our students showcase their dancing talents each year at our Spring Arts festival and at various school gatherings throughout the year.

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