International Admissions

Welcome! We invite students from around the world to be a part of The City School family and we hope that can be you. International students enrich our school with new cultures, insights, and perspectives. In return, we offer you a safe and supportive environment where you can grow and flourish.

The City School has provided excellent college-preparatory classes based on Christian principles since 1978. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, a major American city, The City School brings learning to life by taking advantage of our community’s unparalleled cultural resources. I am excited to get to know you. Please reach out to me today!

To get to know our school better, please view our International Brochure, see our Frequently Asked Questions and explore the school website. You can contact me, Mrs. Africa Jones, International Program Coordinator, at or at 215-731-1930 with any questions

Here is a testimony from Yuhang, an International student and gifted pianist, who is about to graduate this spring from The City School.

How to Apply ($1,000 Early Enrollment Discount by March 31st)

A student requiring an I-20 is considered an International Student at The City School. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. To apply, follow these 9 steps:

Step 1 – Application Packet

Compile your application packet by preparing:

  1. Your transcript (translated into English) showing grades for the past three years, including the current year.
  2. Copy of passport identification page
  3. $100 non-refundable application fee*
  4. Optional: Results of an English proficiency test (TOEFL, TOEFL Jr, iTEP SLATE, IELTS, or ELTiS)
  5. International Student Application
  6. Two Teacher Assessments (attach teacher recommendation letters)
  7. High School Student Questionnaire
  8. Evidence of Financial Support (attach bank statement/letter)

Step 2 – Application Submission

Email the complete application packet to Mrs. Africa Jones or mail it to The City School at Poplar (910 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123).

Step 3 – Interview, Exam, and Homestay Request

Once all documents have been submitted, you will be contacted to set up an Admissions Interview. This is conducted in person or via Skype with the Student, Parents, Principal, and International Coordinator. Also, you will be scheduled to take our Entrance Exam. If interested, please talk to International Coordinator about the homestay program at this time (see note at bottom).

Step 4 – Letter of Decision

Once the Admissions Interview and Entrance Exam are completed, a Letter of Decision will be sent to you notifying whether you are accepted into The City School. Included with the acceptance letter will be the following documents: Enrollment Form, The City School Family Handbook, International Student Handbook, Student Medical Form, Designated Caregiver Form, Power of Attorney Form, and International Student Questionnaire for Host Family Program.

Step 5 – Enrollment

To enroll, a completed Enrollment Form is due along with a non-refundable $1,000 Enrollment Deposit* and the International Student Handbook signed by the student and parent. Half ($500) of the Enrollment Deposit will be used for processing the I-20 and the other half will be credited to your tuition payment for the first year.

If you enroll by March 31st, you will receive $1,000 off your total tuition bill!

Step 6 – I-20 & Visa

Once you have enrolled, we will mail you an I-20, a certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant F-1 student status.  You will need to schedule an appointment with the U.S. Consulate to apply for an F-1 visa. A copy of the F-1 visa should be sent to the International Coordinator. If the F-1 visa is denied, $500 will be refunded from the enrollment deposit. Proof of denial is necessary for refund.

Step 7 – Tuition & Final Forms

The following are due within 90 days of the I-20 being mailed out or by July 1st (whichever date comes first):

  1. $15,000 Tuition payment* (preferably remitted in full by July 1st ; or remitted in two payments- 50% by July 1st and 50% by December 1st).
  2. Student Medical Form (completed by a licensed physician) along with a copy of your health insurance
  3. Signed Designated Caregiver Form (signed by parents)
  4. Signed Power of Attorney (signed by parents requesting a homestay from The City School)

Step 8 – Arrival Planning

Communicate with International Coordinator to set a date of arrival. A copy of the flight itinerary should be forwarded to International Coordinator at least 14 days before departure.

Step 9 – Check-In and Orientation

Within 24 hours of arrival, come in to school to meet with International Coordinator. Student and caregiver attend International Student Orientation and Back-to-School Night the week before school starts.

Note on Homestay Program: If you wish for a homestay through The City School, we can coordinate it for $9,000 for the school year. Interest in our homestay program should be expressed at the time of initial application. The International Student Questionnaire for the Host Family Program along with a non-refundable $500 processing fee is due prior to placement. The remaining $8,500 is due after placement along with a signed Hosted International Student Handbook/Hosted Student Contract.

*Note on Making Payments: You can pay tuition and other fees by check or by Flywire. The City School has partnered with Flywire to make tuition and fee payments easier for our international students. Flywire offers multiple methods of international payment and helps save on bank fees and exchange rates. Flywire will make sure your payment arrives here safely. If you would like more information about Flywire, check out this brochure.

Once these steps are complete, you are all set to arrive at The City School! If you’d like to download a printable checklist of these steps, you can find that here. As you go through the application process, Mrs. Jones is happy to answer any questions you have. You can reach her at 215-731-1930 or at


"The City School is like one big family made up of people from many different cultures and backgrounds."

Rugui, City School alumna

ONE CHILD AT A TIME — The City School is a Pre-K to Grade 12 Christian school in the heart of Philadelphia. We believe an excellent education should be accessible for families in the city.